Ramadan Day 30

Day 30: Practical steps

The Holy Spirit is drawing countless Muslims to a new life in Jesus Christ. Breakthroughs are being achieved through new Scripture translations, satellite and Internet media, increasing prayer and outreach, and the powerful working of the Holy Spirit. The following are five ways you can get involved:

  1. Pray for Muslims: When asked, a Muslim-background believer said; “I believe the prayers of people around the world have been ascending to the heavens, where they have accumulated like great monsoon clouds. And today, they are raining down upon my people, miracles of grace and salvation.” (James 5:16).
  2. Support outreach and ministries to Muslims: There is nothing more powerful and effective than prayer in reaching Muslims. Today, there are many effective ministries to Muslims, but they require our prayerful support.
  3. Go to Muslims: Pray for those praying through the 30 Days Prayer Guide to hear and answer God’s call to take the gospel to Muslims, even at their place of work. Unless we overcome the barriers of fear, hatred, ignorance and apathy, we will continue to be spectators (and not participants) in God’s story of redemption unfolding amongst Muslims today. (Romans 10:14).
  4. Minister to Muslims in your own community: Many Muslims have fled to other nations due to the terrors of Islam, or because they were seeking a better life for their children. This creates opportunities for us to minister Jesus’ love to them.
  5. Share the gospel with Muslims: Thanks to the pioneering work of missionaries, whose lives contributed to the multiple movements to Christ we are witnessing today, we now understand many ways to communicate the love and gospel of Jesus Christ effectively with Muslims.

How can we pray?

  • Pray for Muslims in your own community and around the world whenever you read or hear about them on the news.
  • Pray for missionaries and Muslim-background believers who are taking the gospel deep into the House of Islam.
  • Ask God to raise up more witnesses to Muslims and to show you what He would have you to do to minister to Muslims and share your faith with them, at home and around the world.

Proclamation: Lord our God, we declare to all the inhabitants of the world: Fear the Lord and stand in awe of Him. When He speaks, it is done; and when He commands, it stands fast. Surrender to Him alone! (Psalm 33:8-9).


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