Ramadan Day 17

Day 17: Western South Asia

Western South Asia comprises competing Hindu, Turkic, Persian, and Dravidian civilizations, which has spawned generations of conflict amongst the region’s 315 million Muslims spanning 186 distinct people groups.

How can we pray?
  • Men have little regard for women and may dispose of them should they wish.
  • Pray for God to restore the dignity of women and for them to find their identity in Christ.
  • Ask for an end to war, conflict, killing and injustice in Western South Asia.
  • Pray for each person living in this area to have a personal visitation of the Lord Jesus and to surrender their lives to Him and change their ways.
  • Ask for a continued growth of Christ-likeness in new believers in Western South Asia, so that others may see and believe.
  • Pray for new movements of Muslims coming to Christ to be birthed through the powerful working of the Holy Spirit.

Proclamation: Lord, we declare to the enemy of our souls that it is nothing for our God to help, whether we are strong or have no power. We rest on God, and in His name, we go against any multitude of evil people. The Lord is our God, and no man will prevail against Him! (2 Chronicles 14:11)


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