Ramadan Day 14

The Uzbek speakers of Southern Kyrgyzstan

There are approximately 800,000 Uzbek speakers in Southern Kyrgyzstan. Over the last decade, there has been a rise in Kyrgyz nationalism that has made life difficult for Uzbek-speaking minority groups. Nearly all Uzbek speakers identify themselves as Muslims, but recently the influence of Islam has grown accompanied by an increase in fundamentalism. Outwardly, more people are finding their identity in Islam, but some are genuinely seeking God.

How can we pray?
  • Pray that those seeking for a relationship with God will encounter Jesus through contact with Christians, signs and wonders and God’s Word.
  • Ask for individuals and whole families and tribes to come into the kingdom.
  • Pray for justice and hope for the Uzbek-speaking minorities of Southern Kyrgyzstan.

Proclamation: Father, we declare that with You resides power to bring the counsel of the nations to nothing. You make the plans of the people of no effect. You reign supreme! (Psalm 33:10)


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